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Kingdom Wellness Goals

Keep up with all we’re doing to promote wellness for Christian Believers! We believe that our spiritual wellbeing dictates all areas of wellness, based on Biblical principles. Once we agree to submit to the Spirit of God, we have a different approach to life, love, and happiness. The Spirit becomes the center of our life. Every area of wellness (a common topic in our self-care promoting society) is informed by God’s Biblical standards, but we need help in order to reach the goal. By joining our email list, you will receive updates that include encouraging words, reminders, and posts about all areas of wellness. Let us help you get your life in order physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, financially, environmentally, intellectually, and occupationally. 

Jessica Grier’s education and experiences as a counselor, mentor, and minister serves as the perfect backdrop for work as a Kingdom Wellness Coach. Join her journey of helping every believer live well in Christ. Please share, like, and subscribe to her social media sites on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn   @gettingohigherground. Feel free to send any comments directly via email to!

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