I know you’re thinking “How in the world did she come up with this? I’ve never heard of a Kingdom Wellness Coach before.” And you would be right. I completely made up the term ‘Kingdom Wellness Coach’ after sitting with God for a long while.

You see, I’ve always wanted to do some form of Life Coaching as a Mental Health Professional because it is the personal, straight to the point style I prefer to use when talking with others. The problem is that I needed a #niche I could use to market myself, but I’m good at and interested in so many things, it made it difficult to find a niche that didn’t box me in. So, long story short, God gave me the idea of a new niche that could encompass all of my skillsets (counseling, teaching, organization, time management, consulting, planning, etc.), and who knows, maybe this term will really take off as a coaching genre of it’s own. Let me just interject here that God is so good! It didn’t exist, so He had me create it! #protocolbreaker

During a recent virtual conference, God gave me the idea of Kingdom coaching to lead Believers to grow an intentional understanding of God’s Word as they apply it to their lives. There is so much misinformation about who God is and how we as His children are supposed to be. My goal is guide Believers towards God Word as the ultimate Truth, helping them to understand it, appreciate it, abide in it, and operate as a function of God’s Kingdom in every area of life.

There was literally no better term to use except ‘Kingdom Coach’. The problem is that the term is really broad and led to more questions than anything. So rather than explaining each time what a Kingdom Coach does, I simply added ‘Wellness’ to help people at least have a conceptual foundation of wellbeing to start with. The main difference is that my style of coaching is from a Biblical perspective on living well.

God gave me the template for a complete remake of the traditional wellness wheel used in the counseling world, designed for Believers of Christ Jesus. I call it Christ’s Wholistic Wellness Covenant because we abide in the promises of His Word and He has designed us to be made whole in Him. The center of the wheel is our spiritual wellbeing, with the outer spokes encompassing every area of our lives, which for a Believer is influenced by the Spirit. The other subareas include: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, Financial, Environmental, Occupational, Intellectual. Each are has a biblical basis and I will explore each subarea in another blog post.

Welp, now you know how #kingdomcoaching and #kingdomwellnesscoaching came to be. If you’re looking for a #niche, I can probably help you with that too, simply request a consultation under the Services tab –> Book Online on my site!

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