Culture would have us believe that you can do what you choose with your body. The mentality that says “if you want it, you can have it”. Contrary to popular opinion, this is not the full picture. Having control of your body means that you are responsible for maintaining the physical nature you have been given. You have a right to protect the physical nature of yourself and the natural functioning God has given you. Your body is a gift and much like every other blessing, it should not be taken for granted.

The wellbeing of your physical nature is your responsibility, yet somehow we as Believers allow culture to be louder than God’s Word. We think that we can disrespect our body and not deal with the consequences of how we treat it. Some circles limit their understanding of the body to dressing modestly and sex within the confines of marriage, and though that has been a good start, it has limited how Believers understand God’s intent for our body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Every standard that we value in terms of what we put on, in, and around our bodies needs to measure up with the Word of God. Just think about the number of issues we deal with within the body of Christ (the church), simply because we do not value what it says about our physical selves. Issues such as lustfulness, greed, obesity, infirmity, drunkenness, idolatry, immorality are running rampant among God’s people because we listen to the culture we are around more than we listen to the direction of God. You don’t get to decide how much of a certain consequence you get. You only have control over the initial action you take. One example would be drinking alcohol. You only have control over whether or not you take another drink. You don’t get to determine how your lack of judgment is affected by the drink. Another example is regarding lustfulness and sexual immorality. You can only control whether or not you watch illicit content or indulge in a sexually tempting conversation. You don’t get to decide whether or not it turns into an addiction or an affair. We have to take responsibility for maintaining our physical nature the way God intended for us to maintain it.

Culture that does not measure up to God’s standard is getting us in trouble. What I am challenging you with today is to better examine whether the culture you embody is of Christ. If it’s not, it must go- every ideology, every habit, every practice. The truth is your body is not your own! 1 Corinthians 16:19-20 says “Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself, for God bought you with a high price. So you must honor God with your body.”

You literally house God’s Spirit within you. This is not an assignment to take lightly. Everything you eat, wear, indulge in, abstain from should honor His Spirit within you. Do not let the temptations of the flesh dominate your decisions. Start telling your body what its wants and needs are and stop letting it dictate your desires. You got this- whatever your physical goals are because you have Christ in you and He’s already won the victory over temptation!

Check out my latest live here where I give a few tips on how to maintain your physical health! It’s time to work!

God cares so much about your health, let this graphic be a reminder of taking His Word to heart and applying to our physical health!

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